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The Ledford Law Firm

 Founded in 1984

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Ledford Law Firm

Why Hire Me?

​It is important to hire someone who will take the time to give you the personal attention and skilled representation you deserve.

I provide personal attention to every client who hires me. I respond quickly to clients' questions and concerns, and personally handle every case because I understand how important it is to have someone who will stand up for your rights.

Who is James Ledford?


Mr. James W. Ledford

Specialized in Cival Law

  • JD Degree at University of Florida 1980 - 1982.

  • Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1982.

  • Florida Bar #354341.

  • Member of the Volusia County Bar.

James has handled several thousand personal injury cases since starting business here in Ormond Beach. He officially practiced in November of 1983. Is the sole owner of the building and land of where the business is located. Has practiced in the same location in Ormond Beach since it's opening in 1984.

Email : 

Tel: 386-672-6611 / Fax: 386-673-9148

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

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