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CPAP Ventilator Recall

Phillips Respironics


On June 14, 2021, Phillips Respironics issued a RECALLL of over 3.5 million of its CPAP machines and ventilators. These machines are causing/have caused serious injuries such as lung, kidney, liver, colon and other cancers; toxic or carcinogenic effects to organs, such as kidneys and liver, heart attack, stoke, respiratory failure, asthma, and even wrongful death.

After repeated use of the sleep apnea of breathing machines, the following are some issues known to lead to serious problems: headaches , dizziness, eye, skin, nose or respiratory tract irritation, persistent cough, chest pressure, and nausea and vomiting. 

If you have ever used a CPAP machine, you may be entitled to compensation. Please give us a call.


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If you have an Injury Claim, do NOT delay

If you've been in a car, slip and fall or other accident and intend to make a claim, there are several reasons why you must consult an attorney as soon as possible. One reason is there are time limits (called "statutes of limitations") for making claims.


If you wait too long and the statute of limitations passes, you will be prevented from bringing your claim.  Courts strictly follow statutes of limitations. Recently, a woman hurt in a car accident made a claim one day after the statute of limitations passed. Even though this was a minor violation, a court dismissed her claim and she could not recover money for her injuries.  


Another reason why you should seek legal help immediately is that delay can hurt your case. As time passes, it becomes harder to gather evidence and to find and interview witnesses, who may move or forget the details of your accident.  Since waiting can cause your claim to be dismissed or hurt your chances of getting the maximum recovery, seek legal help as soon after an accident as possible.

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